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February 2024 Courier

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At the the four Tuesdays in February, we’ll explore how the Book of Psalms helps us grasp more about the inner feelings and life of Jesus. 
There are only a handful of details about the outer events in Jesus’ life in the literal sense of the Psalms. In the deeper spiritual meaning of Psalms, though, we discover again and again His rich inner life and feelings. 
We find states of discouragement, but also His facing challenges with strength and courage. We learn about His awareness and His responses to the people around Him — both people here on earth and those in the spiritual world — and His choices and decisions to set us free (redemption) and to make possible new life (salvation) for every single person and all humanity, for all ages.
Looking ahead — for Tuesdays in March — we’ll turn to reading the final chapters of the Gospel of John, chapters 19-21, week by week. John’s unique focus will take us through the Lord’s last days on earth and His continuing presence since His resurrection.

BIBLE STUDY for The Sower’s Chapel is held

On Tuesdays at 1pm

At 1833 Coffee and Tea Co., 300 Fifth St, Freeport PA

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